Carbohydrate Bioproduct Research Center



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유상호 (Yoo, Sang-Ho )


Tel. +82-2-3408-3221

Fax. +82-2-3408-4319


- Enzymatic Bioprocess of Novel Functional Carbohydrate Materials
- Structural Modification and Characterization of Food Biomacromolecules
- Starch Chemistry
- Structural Identification and Stability Improvement of Natural Colorants
- Development of Biocompatible Nutrient/Drug Delivery System
- Development of High Intensity Sweeteners from Natural Origin

수행 연구과제

- 글리코겐 합성 효소군을 활용한 분지구조체의 생산과 이의 소화 특성 및 프리바이오틱스 효능 평가 (한국연구재단, 2017-2022)
- 투라노스의 효소적 전환기법개발 및 식품소재로서의 적용 (농림수산식품부, 2015-2018)
- 농산부산물(사과껍질)을 활용한 고점도 펙틴 소재 생산 및 가공적성 연구 (농림수산식품부, 2015-2018)
- 천연 탄수화물 및 식물성 단백질 기반 할랄 원료 대체재 개발 및 제품 적용 (농림수산식품부, 2015-2018)
- 생촉매적 전환기법을 활용한 기능성 천연 설탕대체 감미소재 생산을 위한 산업화 기반 구축 (한국연구재단, 2015–2017)
- 알파글루칸 합성 효소를 활용한 효율적 전분입자 코팅기법 연구 및 이의 유용성분 전달시스템으로의 활용 가능성 탐색 (한국연구재단, 2012-2015)

대표적 연구실적

- Characterization of rice starch gels reinforced with enzymatically-produced resistant starch. (2019) Food Hydrocolloids
- Sucrose-based biosynthetic process for chain-length-defined alpha-glucan and functional sweetener by Bifidobacterium
amylosucrase(2019) Carbohydrate Polymers
- Green process development for apple-peel pectin production by organic acid extraction. (2019) Carbohydrate Polymers
Expression, purification, and characterization of a novel amylosucrase from Neisseria subflava. (2018) International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
- Biochemical properties of L-arabinose isomerase from Clostridium hylemonae to produce D-tagatose as a functional sweetener.(2018) Plos One
- Quality improvement of a rice-substituted fried noodle by utilizing the protein-polyphenol interaction between a pea protein isolate
and green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract. (2017) Food Chemistry
- Wheat dough syruping in cold storage is related to structural changes of starch and non-starch polysaccharides. (2017) Food Research International